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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[03 Apr 2003 | 06:12pm]

This is some classic teenage poetry, written in April 2003 (age 15). i don't really think any commentary is needed other than holy shit i really liked adjectives.

[ mood | blank ]
[ music | alexisonfire - 44 caliber love letter ]

the deepest red

so ring all the bells and
set off the fire alarms.
declare this war against your favourite four letter lie.
you'll be detonating your deepest red bombs by midnight,
the same shade as the barely-there rings of lipstick still lingering
around the rims of your most precious champagne glasses.
and they'll pretend to explode while you mouth
your pretty sound effects.
and didn't you paint the inside of your head
a sickening blonde?
meant to match the few strands still left on your sweater.
but i bet she never told you
she was really a brunette.

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