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Red text is commentary made by the present day me, age 22. Black text is copied and pasted from the various Livejournals I kept between 2001 and 2007. Post titles indicate the original posting date of the black text.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this blog will be a collection of excerpts from my livejournals from the years 2001-2006 (ages 13-18) with commentary by my 21 year old, current self. the qualities of my young self that i will mostly be ruminating on/questioning within the blog are the following:

-my beyond crazed obsession with the internet
-my apparent determination to be as "weird," "kooky," and "alternative" as humanly possible
-my frequent (pathological?) lying
-my ability to involve myself in relationships with people on the internet as though they were in my real life..and do this WHILE dating people in real life
-my belief that it was possible to fall in love with someone, be it over the internet or in real life, within a period of approx. two days
-my devastation when week long internet relationships ended
-my remarkable ability to pick myself back up from said "heartbreaks" and begin obsessing over several new love interests within mere hours.

i hope that you will find these as comical, and assume that you will find them as embarassing as i do.

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