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Saturday, December 18, 2010

[05 Mar 2003|11:01pm]

I'm going to try to resurrect this dead blog because I feel it's necessary to exploit the tons of overemotional teen gems still contained in the pages of my old LJs. What better way to start it up again than with some epic poetry written back in good ol' 2003? Context is:
-age 15
-"dating" a dude i'd just met/never touched/was too scared to call
-had never touched a cigarette in my life
-had no betrayal in my recent past, therefore this poem is based on absolutely nothing.

A+ for phrasing, right?

you're lovely when you stutter.
so you know it's all your fault.
and you know you'll never
sleep again.
but you're telling me it's my burden
and you're touching your face.
and it's giving you away.
and when you turn your lovely back on me,
you'll hate yourself for trying.
and i'll try to hate you for your cigarette smell
and your breath that tastes of betrayal.

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